No matter what type of music you prefer, it's always fun to see an artist or musical music group cover timeless songs.  Personally, it's cool to see how newer country bands interpret songs from country legends like Alan Jackson, Ronnie Milsap, or even Sammy Kershaw.

I know what you're thinking.  "Newer country music isn't the same country music."  I can totally agree with you on that, however music is a form of expression, and it's an evolving art form.  There’s one new country group that deserves some credit. The band is definitely keeping the classic country music alive by introducing the genre to a newer audience.

You may not know of Restless Road, but you sure do know these defining songs of country music. The group has certainly put its stamp on some great country classics!

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Believe it or not, it was my sister who sent me a video from Restless Road.  I was pretty impressed with the trio's vocals, and their song choices for their videos.  The songs are divided into tiny segments.  Even though each song lasts only about seven seconds, every song includes the title of the song along with the artists.

If anyone listens to these songs for the first time, my guess is these new listeners will look up the original recordings. It appears though that many of Restless Road's fans know most of the great country songs.  The comments are overwhelmingly positive which sure doesn’t happen all the time on social media.

Give Restless Road a chance!  It's always a good day to try something new! You just might like this group of guys.

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