Alright, we'll go ahead and put this in the bank. Marvel is a lucrative corporation and studio whose current live-action TV crop of 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' leaves something to be desired, at least until the four 'Defenders' series hit Netflix. An independent 'Agent Carter' TV series has also been discussed, for which the internet would eat Dum Dum Dugan's hat if Hayley Atwell wasn't given a chance to reprise the role. Said TV series is now definitely happening, with Atwell front and center as 'Agent Carter,' according to the most reputable of journalistic sources: the internet!

The rumor of 'Agent Carter''s TV progress emerges from U.K. tabloid the Mirror, well-documented for its frequent fibs, though that hasn't stopped the rumor mill from shouting off its rooftop that Hayley Atwell has officially signed to reprise the role made famous in 'Captain America: The First Avenger,' as well as Atwell's subsequent one-shot. Ever the pillar of investigative integrity, the Mirror claims that 'Agent Carter' will first air before the end of 2014, though no network has been listed, even with ABC and Netflix among the likely choices:

This is a massive deal for both Hayley and Marvel comic fans. It’s Marvel’s major project of 2014, and it will be a big budget production. Hayley is absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity and is incredibly grateful to Marvel fans who have basically been campaigning for a spin-off show for the past six months. It means moving to LA for six months but her friends and family are all behind her, and this is a huge opportunity.

For the record, we do at least know that Marvel has given consideration to an 'Agent Carter' spinoff after the breakout success of 'Iron Man 3''s one-shot attachment, though very little on the subject has emerged after the studio officially announced production on its four Netflix series, among them 'Daredevil,' 'Jessica Jones,' 'Iron Fist' and 'Luke Cage,' before a subsequent team-up 'Defenders' miniseries. It may well come to fruition that Marvel follows up on the 'Agent Carter' series after all, but expect much more fanfare and detail from a real announcement, or at least, a more reputable source to confirm the news.

Initially, Deadline's break of a potential 'Agent Carter' series couldn't confirm that Atwell would indeed reprise the role, given the likely extensive commitment required, though the actress at least confirmed her interest in a subsequent interview with Digital Spy:

Although she’s kick-ass, and she can be aggressive and she can be just as competent as the men, it’d be nice to show that she’s a feminist in a way. It’s not just about her being aggressive and as aggressive as the men in those action sequences, but being able to be a little bit more rounded as a person.

I think she could be a great role model and a great member of the Marvel Universe. I love the Marvel lot, they’re really great people to work with, so it would be nice to go back and work with them again. I’d definitely do it.

'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' certainly fell short of expectations, high as our hopes for the Netflix series remain, but what do you think? Would an 'Agent Carter' TV series with Atwell at the helm fare better among viewers? What would you want to see, if and when Marvel actually decides to go through with the spinoff?

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