We joined the thousands of people from all over the country and the world, at Hefty Seed's annual Ag PhD Field Day at their farm North of Sioux Falls on Thursday (7/26).

Anthony Wright, a.k.a. "High Tech Tony", and I spent the entire morning at the event. We must have walked at least 100 miles back and forth over the grounds looking at test plots, machines and meeting some fascinating people.

People were there from all over on a mission. They came to learn as much as they could in one day about new and current technologies so they could increase the profits and yields on their farm.

We visited with Dave Hula from Virginia, who produced 500 bushels per acre with his corn. We talked with Kevin Cobb from Indiana, who had 366 bushel corn on non-irrigated land.

Of all the people we talked with, the highlight was meeting up with one of the two Hefty brothers. We got to chat with Brian while he and Darren were taking a short break during their highly attended walk thru presentation.

Then there were the machines on display. The highlight of that for me wasn't just the quad-track tractor, but watching Tony climb up and sit in the driver's seat of a combine. He looked a bit out of place.

Anthony Wright/Results Radio

Another special attraction for us was one of the field test plots of the various grains. We were drawn to the beautiful lavender flowers of a small field of flax. One man told of how his grandfather was able to pay for land with the money made on a flax crop. Tony and I are planning on now raising flax in our yards.

Anthony Wright/Results Radio

We capped it all off with a fabulous meal presented by Tony's Catering out of Brandon. Tony Bosch, the owner, is also, among other things, a farmer. Only a farmer could cook and serve a meal to 10,000 other farmers in an hour.

If you missed Ag PhD this year, make sure to contact Hefty Seed and get set up for 2019.

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