On Saturday, Justify became the latest Triple Crown winner in horse racing as he took home the victory at the Belmont Stakes.

Justify was already a valuable horse, but after the win and the Triple Crown title, Justify's value according to multiple reports is now $75 million.

Previously, $70 million was what Coolmore paid in 2000 for Fusaichi Pegasus, who won five of his seven starts. According to ESPN, the inflation price though paid was over $104 million for Fusaichi Pegasus.

These figures seem ridiculous, but when you think about the potential return from the winnings of each race accompanied with future fees paid for the horses services to reproduce, the number is actually an investment that can pay good dividends.

With the value so high, it may be very unlikely that we see Justify on a track again because an injury could bring the value down significantly.


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