The baaaasd man is looking more and more like a baaaaby in the minds of many after his latest injury to his collarbone.  

The whining started immediately after he was hit legally by Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr.  (No flag was thrown)
Rodgers clearly took exception to the hit and started yelling obscenities at Barr as he exited the game.  
Since then he has made some comments about the play as he continued to allude to the fact he thought the hit was cheap.  
The story hasn't ended there.
Now over the weekend Aaron Rodgers is telling the world that Barr flipped him the bird and gestured for him to "suck it" as he exited the field.
Rodgers insuates that Barr is rubbing it in and adding insult to injury.
Come to find out that probably wasn't the case.
Anthony Barr has responded and his account seems to add up a little more.
There has been no video to surface showing the interaction.
Regardless, the most talented quarterback in the league needs to learn to take a hit a bit more gracefully and focus on getting back on the field instead of going on this media sympathy tour.

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