Terry McCarl is one of the true veterans in sprint car racing. He has wrote many a page in track record books.

He has, in a multitude of ways, touched tens of thousands of race fans. He has done something on the track countless times that made the entire grand stand of spectators come to their feet.

You have to ask yourself, how many drivers have done this thru out their career? The ones that have are the ones that made you reach for your wallet to buy tickets over the years.

I caught up with such a character once again and had a talk with him. This character I'm referring to is my friend Terry. And like I've been known to do, I fired up my little video camera.

Terry talks about the mood saying, 'This year everybody seemed to be more upbeat.'

He also talks about his sons saying, 'I kicked the boys out of the nest.'

After this interview, Terry would go on for a very successful night of racing. He set the quick time and won the race. I published the entire story on Monday.

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