Don't let the rolling fields of corn and hog lots fool you; The state of Iowa has more than its fair share of dangerous roads and intersections. And while most are in the state's urban areas, some of the most hazardous can be found on rural roads.

According to Bad Intersections, one Iowa intersection is far more dangerous than the rest.

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Iowa's Most Dangerous Intersection Isn't in its Biggest City, But It's Not Far Off

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Bad Intersections (a crowd-sourced website) has Iowa's most dangerous intersection listed in the city of Ankeny, specifically, Ankeny Boulevard and East 1st Street.

Ankeny is the fastest-growing city in the state of Iowa, recently passing West Des Moines. There's a lot to be said for the city, but there are also some drawbacks, including traffic flow.

Ankeny Boulevard has long been known as a street to be vigilant on, and as the city grows, the road is becoming more and more dangerous.

Here is a look a the entire top ten most dangerous intersections, according to Tucker Law:

  1. Ankeny: Ankeny Boulevard and First Street.
  2. Council Bluffs: Interstate Highway 29 and 30th Avenue.
  3. Sioux City: West Seventh Street and Hamilton Boulevard.
  4. Des Moines: Day Street and Sixth Avenue.
  5. Cedar Falls: Iowa Highway 27 and Viking Road.
  6. Jasper County: U.S. Highway 65 and Iowa Highways 330 and 117.
  7. Des Moines: East University Avenue and East 30th Street.
  8. Ankeny: Ankeny Boulevard and Southeast Magazine Road.
  9. Burlington: U.S. Highway 61 and West Avenue.
  10. Ankeny: Ankeny Boulevard and Third Street.

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