There are some groups of people who seem to be invisible in our culture, and for the most part we don't acknowledged their existence.

Out of sight out of mind, but they are as real as you and I.

Hope For the Homeless is a night to bring attention, and action on behalf of people who could use our help.

As part of their annual sleep out event a group of 14 of us have volunteered to sleep outside of the Bishop Dudley Hospitality House, in Sioux Falls SD.

The Bishop Dudley Hospitality House offers daytime, and overnight emergency shelter for the homeless and vulnerable.

It's easy to not see people when we don't make a connection to their humanness. Each person, each child, has a story, a favorite meal, a favorite hobby, they have hopes and dreams, and happen to be homeless.

Each individual participating in the sleep out will be given a story of a unique individual who has stayed at the Dudley House. Taking time to learn about people, and listen to people is a way to make their lives, and their situation real.

It's a lot harder to ignore people when they become real.

To help out the Bishop Dudley House with a donation of your time, talents, or a monetary donation click here.

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