It was one of the first things that made me realize that we lived in a different world with the Covid 19 Coronavirus.

Driving the streets of Sioux Falls and seeing the playgrounds and parks...empty. A beautiful days and no kids out running around, on the slides and swings, laughing, jumping and being...well, kids.

There's something sad about playground equipment that isn't being used out in the bright sunshine.

Well, that's changing!

My friend Andy down the hall (well, kind of down the hall, he's working remotely for the most part) posted the story that the Mayor is opening park playgrounds, along with basketball and tennis courts and more.

So I'm hoping now to motor down the street and see kids in the parks. Oh, we (and they) still need to practice social distancing and take the precautions we've all become used to, but the playground is open!

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