How will more than 77 million dogs in the United States celebrate their day? Think Mother's Day in Sioux Falls. Playtime in the park. A run on the bike trail. Or, maybe a day at the spa.

August 26 is the most popular holiday of the year. If you are a dog! According to the Animal Journal, there are 77 million dogs in the United States. It's National Dog Day, one of the most popular pet holidays of the year.

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Start planning now for that 4-legged celebration and see what Sioux Falls has to offer the dogs and his best friends. From dog parks to dog spas. Check out this list of dog-friendly businesses provided by Sioux Falls Humane Society.

Does your dog need a day at the spa? Here's 5 to choose from:

Smoken Dakota Kennels
Paws Pet Resort
Precious Pets
Dog Days
Hidden Paradise Kennels

If there are friends that will be visiting you and staying in a hotel, this is a dog-friendly list of places to stay.

Take off the leash and let them run free and play in these Sioux Falls City Parks:

Family Park Dog Park - 300 N Ellis Rd, Sioux Falls
Lien Park - 2000 N. Cliff Ave. Sioux Falls
Spencer Park - 3501 S. Cliff Ave. Sioux Falls
Kirby Dog Park - 201 S. 2nd Ave. Sioux Falls

Check out these 50 fascinating facts about dogs:

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