If there was ever a time we needed a good news story, it's now. And stories don't get much better than this one.

We've all heard those crazy stories on the news about a waitress, or deliveryman getting a tip from an anonymous stranger that changes their life, but this story is a little different.

Carlos Valdez and his wife (lovers of pineapple pizza) often ordered their favorite snack from their favorite pizza chain, Papa John's in the couple's hometown of Roy, Utah. The couple's favorite deliveryman was 89 year old, Derlin Newey. In fact, they met Derlin and enjoyed him so much, they began to request him when calling in their pizza orders.

They began to enjoy Newey's cheerfulness and joyful nature so much, that they even set up a tik tok channel dedicated to their encounters with the pizza deliveryman, gaining over 53,000 followers.

As fun of a follow as the Newey story was, many began to wonder why an 89-year-old man was working so many hours in the first place? The Valdez' then decided to raise money for Dewey from their followers, and eventually presented him with a check worth over $12,0000.

To find out the rest of the story, check out the video below and read an in-depth article at the Good News Network.

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