The Food Network knows all about food. I mean, after all, they ARE the Food Network.

But of course once that cooking's all done and everyone has enjoyed the meal, well, then comes the fun part. The cleanup.

The Food Network has interesting do's and don'ts when it comes to that part of the proceedings as well. As it turns out you shouldn't just go ahead and dump the 'stuff' in the dishwasher and walk away whistling.

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They've put together a list of eight things you should never ever put in the dishwasher. And I'll bet there's at least three or four of them that you have. Let's take a look.

OK, as for me, I've been smart enough not to put the wooden stuff in. I keep the 'old stuff' my parents and grandparents passed along out. And the plastic hasn't gone in since that, uh, an incident some years back.

How about you?

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