There are certain words that just stick out for South Dakotans. But if you're not from around here, you'll likely have no idea what they mean.

Here are eight of the most "South Dakota" words you'll ever hear, and why they have outsiders scratching their heads.

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Cattywampus: According to a recent study, this is the most used slang term in the entire state. What does it mean? Something that is not lined up correctly, or diagonally. 

Personally, I had never heard of that one before.

Pecker Pole: Say this word anywhere else and you might get some weird looks from folks, but here in South Dakota it refers to a tree sapling.

Corn Hole: Bags? Nope. Bean Bags? Heck no, Corn Hole? You Betcha!

Scotcheroos: This delicious treat is almost uniquely South Dakotan. It's made with peanut butter, rice crispies, and chocolate chips.

Wrasslin': You better not call it "Wrestling" in these neck of the woods, or you just might be challenged to a Wrasslin match.

Truck Topper: While other states describe it as a Canopy, South Dakotans know better. It's a Truck Topper here.

Taverns: Go anywhere outside of the Mount Rushmore State and you'll hear people call them Sloppy Joes. But here in South Dakota, they're called Taverns. What's the difference? Taverns aren't made with Tomato.

Hot Dish: Much of the U.S. calls it a casserole, but here in South Dakota, you better be calling it by its proper name.

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