Lighters. They're no longer just for firing up a cigarette or letting the band know you want a fourth encore anymore.

In a clip that should make you wide-eyed with wonder and appeal to your inner arsonist (not to mention inner delinquent), we see five tricks that can be performed with a simple lighter.

If you ever taken a Bic and thought, "Hey, I'd love to be able to burn a hole in the top of a Coke bottle" or "Gee wiz, wouldn't it be great to turn an ordinary campfire into something much more sinister with the potential for real trouble?," well, you are in luck because this has you covered.

It seems like a lot of folks do have thoughts like that because this video has hit viral paydirt, reeling in more than five million views, which would lead us to say -- drum roll, please -- that it's on fire (sorry, we just had to).

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