Fantasy football advice gets thrown around as if every person has become an expert over the last decade as the fantasy football industry has exploded.

I have always been one to think the average person has as good of a chance to win as the next person and I have never been that good at it, so my advice is typically not helpful.

So that is why I am going to give you five tips that have nothing to do with the actual team that you will be fielding this year.

Here are 5 fantasy football tips that will help you enjoy your season as much as ever.

1. Have a great team name. - It all starts with a good name. Be creative and make sure you have a winning name before you start your season.

2. Have a decent entry fee. - Make it worth your while if you want to actually keep a interest for the entire season. It doesn't have to be a mortgage payment, but playing for a couple dollars a week is only going to see the interest level in your league go the wrong way.

3. Sabotage your opponents. - One of my favorite things to do is mess with my friends teams. Try it and you will see it adds some great intrigue to your season.

4. Have a punishment for the last place finisher. - Not only will you want to finish first, you will also not want to finish last. Make sure and add a punishment to the last place finisher. Some will go to the extreme with such things as tattoos or embarrassing pranks, but we go with a $50 penalty worth of appetizers at the following years draft.

5. Have Fun! - None of this is life and death and it was intended to be fun. Don't take it too serious and enjoy the ups and downs of your season.