Freelancers make up more than a third of the American workforce and competition amongst them for jobs is stiff. But that doesn't mean that there aren't positions out there. I came across an amazing article in The Cheat Sheet which could help you find one.

I was very surprised by the huge list of major companies which farm out work to freelancers. Companies as diverse as, Thrill List, United Nations Development Programme, Go Pro, Makro Tech, to name a very few! Many of these jobs can be done from home. It is worth at least taking a peek at what may be out there.

I've chosen five of the biggies with an example of positions they have hired for in the past:

  1. - Copywriters and data quality reviewers (Okay I put this one first for my sister Carmela, because I know she's reading this, she loves, she has been working hard putting together our family tree on both sides of the family, I gave her another gift membership for her birthday and she needs a job she can do from home!) Check out their career openings here,
  2. GoPro - User generated content production artist  (Hm?) GoPro career openings.
  3. Walmart - Pricing analyst and bilingual specialists (I know, they're the "big bad", but when you need a job. . .) Career openings.
  4. Nintendo - Technical writers and software engineers (I wish my nephew Bubbi read my blog pieces, this might be up his alley! But alas, he's too cool for that!) Nintendo career info.
  5. Expedia - Tech support reps and merchandising managers (Now if they simply wanted to pay me to travel all over the world with a personal manservant at my beck and call and write about it, I'd apply!) careers.

Love you Carmie & Jon!

Patty Dee

 . . .And Bubbi too!

Patty Dee

This is just a tiny portion of a much larger list, so feel free to browse even more here and if you've really got time on your hands, here at

Good luck!