After living in a city with hundreds of thousands of people it's a nice change to visit a small community and enjoy a much more relaxed atmosphere during a holiday.

The one thing you need to know, in South Dakota these smaller towns don't do Small! Planning an event like the 4th of July Parkston Celebration of Freedom takes an army of volunteers and months of organizing.

For the city of Parkston, this is a six-day affair beginning Wednesday, June 29. Through Monday, July 4 there will be parades, barbeques, speakers, food booths, and music. And, all the events are FREE.

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When you ask anyone in South Dakota who you would want for musical entertainment, they most likely will tell you Mogan's Heros. They, along with a huge community BBQ kick off the Independence Day festivities at 4:00 PM.

The feature of this 4th of July celebration will be on Vietnam Veterans.

The Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall will be in Parkston’s East City Park. The Wall, which is 360 feet long, will be on display along with 68 additional panels of other wars and conflicts throughout America’s history.

Parkston’s Commercial Club president Bill Maxwell says one of the parades will feature Vietnam vets.

The 4th of July Parkston Celebration of Freedom is truly how a small town comes together with a patriotic vibe.

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