My musician/singer/songwriter friend Terry Pospisil just released a new album entitled 'Rainbows & Wreckage'. I'm proud to say I wrote all the lyrics for the 9 songs on the album, while Terry wrote all the music and sings.

One of the songs on the album, which you can hear by clicking the link below, is called 'Husband and Wife'. I was inspired to write the lyrics by a couple I met when I was living in Rapid City. They were terrific people, the kind you hope to meet as you travel through life. They had recently celebrated their 49th wedding anniversary and all they could talk about was that special Golden Wedding Anniversary just around the corner, that 50th when all the kids would come home, the Grandkids would come home and they'd celebrate with all their family and friends at their church.

But it didn't happen. And these words I wrote, along with the beautiful music Terry wrote, tells the story. I still think about them often, all these many years later. I know they're together now and I'll bet they have quite the celebration going.

You never know the people...the places...the times that stay with you for a lifetime.

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