Minnesota regulators have announced that they are closely monitoring the cleanup effort of over 4000,000 gallons of radioactive water from the Xcel Enter Plant just outside of the town of Monticello, Minnesota.

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After being questioned why the public wasn't notified sooner of the leak, an Xcel Energy spokesperson said that as there was no immediate danger to the public, they initially declined to inform Minnesotans.

We understand the importance of quickly informing the communities we serve if a situation poses an immediate threat to health and safety. In this case, there was no such threat.

-NBC News Website

Xcel Energy went on to say that the leak is fully contained on its property and the public's drinking water has not been harmed by the spill.

The Xcel Energy Monticello Minnesota Nuclear Power Generating Plant is located 45 minutes northwest of Minneapolis and began operating in 1971.

For more information on this breaking news story, read the full article from NBC News.

Story Source: NBC News Website


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