It was a celebratory moment in the halls of the Capital Building in Pierre as lawmakers, First Lady Linda Daugaard, Senator Deb Soholt, Jolene Loestcher of Jolene's Law and other advocates for Children's safety joined for Children's Day.  Preventing child abuse and promoting a safe home for children was the goal of those who attended January 31st.

“With stories in the news, in just the last week, about cases of child sexual abuse and child maltreatment, grassroots advocacy to educate legislators, lobbyists and the public on issues concerning child welfare in South Dakota becomes even more crucial,” says Carrie G. Sanderson, Director of the Center for the Prevention of Child Maltreatment. “Children's Day at the Capitol joins together the many facets of making positive change to protect families while minimizing costs and supporting resources for individual organizations.”

The recent Jolene's law task force identified a need for an organization to join all children's advocacy groups spanning city, state and federal organizations.  That need launched The Center for the Prevention of Child Maltreatment (CPCM). Their directive is to  fight against child sexual abuse and other forms of maltreatment in South Dakota.  The organization's goal in the next decade is to help South Dakotans know of, respond to, and prevent child sexual abuse.

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