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Last year, Sioux Falls was named the most ‘ripped’ city in the country by While gym enthusiasts have been basking in the accomplishment, more fitness centers continue to pop up around the city.

A Yelp search turns up about 70 gyms in Sioux Falls, many of which are 24-hour fitness centers.

In 2007, Anytime Fitness made its Sioux Falls debut, around the time the 24-hour fitness center trend began. But things have changed in the past eight years, and more competition has moved in. GreatLife is introducing four new smaller satellite locations around Sioux Falls.

The purpose of these 24-hour fitness centers is to make working out as convenient as possible. People can come in, hop on a machine, and get on with their day no matter what time it is.

Although more of these convenience-based fitness centers are popping up in Sioux Falls, gyms don’t seem to be sweating the competition.

Some say they’re willing to step up in order to keep up as this industry continues to grow.

To find out what Donn Hill, GreatLife Golf and Fitness President, had to say about the increased competition, read Rachel Skytta's complete story.

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