A champion golfer from Spain, here in the United States playing on the Iowa State University women's golf team, was found dead Monday on a golf course in central Iowa. Officers believe she was assaulted while practicing.

The woman has been identified as Celia Barquin Arozamena. She was found dead at Coldwater Golf Links in Ames, and a suspect has been arrested in connection with the case, 22-year-old Collin Daniel Richards. According to reports, Arozamena died after being repeatedly stabbed.

Because of the tragic news, the Iowa State women's golf team has withdrawn from the East-West Match Play in Ann Arbor, Michigan this week to be with family and friends and to grieve the loss of their teammate.

Barquin was a native of Puente San Miguel, Spain. She won a Big 12 title this past season and played in the United States Women's Open in early June, just barely missing the cut.

According to the Associated Press, Richards has a history of violence.

"Court records show that since 2014, 22-year-old Collin Daniel Richards has been charged with abusing a former girlfriend, using a baseball bat to smash a vehicle window and burglarizing a gas station. In one case, Richards allegedly threatened to shoot clerks at a convenience store after they caught him shoplifting. In another, Richards admitted he stole a man's pickup truck while high on drugs. In a third, the Iowa State Patrol seized a long knife from him during a traffic stop."

Source: Associated Press

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