Much like the 1980s themselves, country music during the decade was ... well, varied. Artists such as the Judds burst onto the scene with a pop-influenced sound that's now as iconic as their '80s hairdos; artists such as Rosanne Cash, meanwhile, were keeping the genre's more traditional roots alive while foreshadowing the subgenres we now call alt-country and Americana.

Some of country music's biggest stars began to emerge during the 1980s as well: Garth BrooksClint BlackTravis Tritt and Alan Jackson, among others, are part of a group of then-newcomers dubbed the "Class of '89." And there's the King of Country, George Strait, who charted his first No. 1 single in 1982 and just kept going from there.

"Elvira." "Lady." "A Little Good News." "Mountain Music." You'll find these and many (many) more '80s country classics on the playlist below. The Boot's picks for essential '80s country songs features tracks from dozens of the decade's big names.

Country fans, if you were "country when country wasn't cool," there's more than two hours of music for you to enjoy here. Tease your hair, dig out the Aquanet, and press play!

Listen to The Boot's 1980s Country Music Playlist

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