You've lived in South Dakota for years and years. Maybe your whole life.

There isn't anything about South Dakota you don't know. Yep, we have the World's Only Corn Palace. That free ice water? Why, head west to Wall Drug. Want to see a Tucker automobile? Pull on into the Pioneer Auto Museum in Murdo. And of course, the famous faces.

But maybe...just maybe...there's a thing or twelve about the Sunshine State you don't know.

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I've called South Dakota home now for some forty-seven plus years and I have to admit, these are some things I didn't know about the state I call home. But thanks to the folks at Legends Of America, I know them now. How many are you finding out about for the first time?

Okay, the sawdust thing was new to me. I knew there were "Ladies Of The Evening" in Deadwood back in the Gold Rush days, but I didn't know there were that many! And now, I just won't be comfortable sleeping with cheese.


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