You can't go wrong with any local restaurant in Sioux Falls. They have their unique flavor. But if you just moved to Sioux Falls, you must try these ten restaurants.

South Dakota's largest city has a TON of restaurants to explore. Whether you're in the mood for something spicy, sweet, or full of flavor, there's something for everyone in the Sioux Falls area to enjoy.

A new survey from the website Foodie Flash Packer lists the ten "must-try" restaurants in Sioux Falls. The author of the new survey Igor Jovanovsky recently visited Sioux Falls and highlights the city for having so many eateries in town!

Home to fine-dining establishments, diners, ethnic restaurants, burger joints, and more, this place offers an endless list of options for every craving!

There's no shortage of fantastic eateries in Sioux Falls. But these ten stand out from the rest.

10 Must-Try Sioux Falls Restaurants

Welcome to Sioux Falls! There's a whole food tour waiting for you.

What's your favorite Sioux Falls restaurant?

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