I was on the hunt today to find funny Google reviews.  If you have a few seconds and would like to giggle and laugh a bit, check out these 10 hilarious Google reviews left for jails and detention centers all over Minnesota, including in Rochester.

10 Hilarious Google Reviews for Jails Located in Minnesota

You wouldn't think that people would leave a review about a jail BUT think again! Check out these hilarious reviews left on Google about jails in Rochester and in locations all over Minnesota.

Gallery Credit: Jessica Williams

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Check out these hilarious Google reviews about schools in and near Rochester, Minnesota

Reviews about jails aren't the only funny things on Google!  I got a tip a few weeks ago that some kids have left some really hilarious reviews about schools in and near Rochester, Minnesota.  I had to see it to believe it so I did my research to see if it was true and yep...people in our world have actually left reviews on Google for some of our schools.  I weeded out the "not so nice" reviews and picked a few of the funny ones for you to enjoy today.

19 Hilarious Google Reviews That Were Left for Schools in Southeast Minnesota

You know how Google asks you to review places that you've visited? Well, some hilarious (and pretty honest) Google reviews were created for some of the schools in and around the Rochester, Minnesota area.

Gallery Credit: Jessica Williams

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Check out these hilarious tweets that happened when Facebook crashed back in 2021

Remember when Facebook crashed in the fall of 2021?  It lasted for almost a full day and people kept trying to refresh their browser to make it work again.  I even restarted my computer and went to another building to try their wifi to get Facebook and Instagram back up.  Since my normal social media outlets didn't seem to work, I went over to Twitter...and then I just started laughing.

The tweets that were showing up due to the Facebook shutdown made me LOL and because I wanted to savor those laughs forever, I saved a few.  If you need a few more laughs in your day, enjoy the tweets below.

18 of the Best Tweets that Happened While Facebook Was Down

While the world was panicking when Facebook wouldn't load, a bunch of people and companies went to Twitter to share their opinion...and well, check-in to see how everyone was doing. Twitter started the conversation and the thread right now has 3.2 million likes. The comments though on the account will have you laughing out loud because they are just hilarious.

Gallery Credit: Jessica Williams

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