I first met Gordy Pratt, oh, more years ago than either one of us might like to admit.

I was working in radio in Rapid City, lived there about fifteen years.  As I recall, I was at an outdoor festival of one sort or another, out on the grass somewhere close to the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center.

As I was tipping another, uh, let's just say 'beverage', I head music coming somewhere from behind a crowd of people.  Sounded like a band of some kind, sorta country, sorta folk, sorta bluegrass-ish a little bit.  I walked on over and that was my introduction to 'That Fabulous One Guy'.

Also known as Gordie Pratt, I immediately liked what i heard.  Singing clever, what some folks might call parodies...a cover or two...and some heartfelt homespun songs, too.  Being something of a 'stringer of words and rhymes' myself, i introduced myself.

That was, oh, several (and several) years ago.  I haven't talked to Gordie in a while, since I moved 'back east' in South Dakota and he's (as far as I know) still 'out west'.

But give this a listen, it says more about Gordie than I can.  It's his ode to a 'Rusty Old American Dream'.