I met Roy Holdren back in, uh, shall we say 'the old days'.

I was pretty much a fresh faced kid and so was he.  We're a couple of grizzled seasoned veterans of life now.

I was working at KWYR in Winner, S.D. back then, back then being 1974-77.  My first radio job, 18 years young and knew it all.

Roy, as best I recall, came to work at KWYR.  He was from the Faulkton, S.D. area and showed up with a small station wagon filled with his 'stuff', including a dog and a guitar.  The dog was cool, the guitar was tuned, we had cold beer, no worries, so life was good.

He sung me some songs he had written, I read him some poems I had wrote, and I thought we were, at 18 or 19 years old or so, better than anything else that was coming down the pike.

I moved to another radio job in Aberdeen, S.D. and Roy moved off, too.  All these years later, I'm in Sioux Falls and (last I heard) Roy was in the Twin Cities.  I only see Roy once every 5 years or so, but I guess we're both (best as I can tell) still writing, smiling and stumbling along on the big blue marble.

Oh, and Roy, great job on the song and video above!  And I still love your one from years ago 'Love On A Six String'.  Good stuff, my friend.