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Ronnie Milsap Coming To Grand Falls Casino & Resort May 18
Country Music Hall of Famer Ronnie Milsap will be in concert at Grand Falls Casino and Resort May 18th.
With over forty Number One hits, this will be a must see night of the greatest country music in history. From 'Pure Love' to 'Stranger In My House', from 'Lost In The Fifties Tonight' to 'What Goes…
Baby Boomer Memory Lane: The Small Town Barber Shop
One definition of 'Barber' that I read was: A person who cuts hair, especially men's, and shaves or trims beard's as an occupation.
Well, that's true I guess...as far as it goes. But growing up just a mile outside of a small town (OK, a very small town), the barber …
Elkton South Dakota
It was back in the early 1980's that I first visited Elkton, South Dakota.
I was working for a radio station in Volga, just outside of Brookings. Back in 'those days' I did a lot of sports play-by-play, both high school and college. The...
Whatever Happened To Red Owl?
As I remember it, every town had one. Now, of course, every town didn't have one. But to a ten-year-old kid, it sure seemed like it.
A Red Owl grocery store.
Now this was, uh, a few years (decades) before the advent of the 'Super Store' or the 'Super Center'...
How Good Is South Dakota Dental Health?
Going to the dentists.
OK, it totally honesty, it may not be one of the top ten things you enjoy doing. But it sure is a whole lot better than in the 'olden days'. Some of the stories I've read about taking care of toothaches a hundred years ago are...
NASCAR Dropping The Hammer On Cheaters
It's a quaint and cute old saying.
'If you ain't cheatin', you ain't tryin'.
Well it's not going to be quite so cute this NASCAR season.
NASCAR will be stripping victories from racing teams found to have illegal race cars after a race...
Whatever Happened To Piggly Wiggly?
Here's two words you don't hear much anymore.
Piggly Wiggly.
A few of us were visiting here at the radio ranch that is Results Radio/Townsquare Media the other day (Research, boss, we were doing research), just kind of shootin' the breeze when for some reason I mentioned that as a kid m…