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When I Was A Kid Tax Time Was 'Stay Away From Dad' Time
I can see it like it was yesterday.
He was sitting by the metal kitchen table in the little kitchen in that ramshackle farm house just a wee bit south of Leota, Minnesota. It was 80 acres of rented farmland, a '59 Chevy Biscayne sharing the farmyard with a few chickens and a goat roaming around …
Don't Have A Degree And Need A Good Job? Come To South Dakota!
It's no secret. In most parts of the United States if you want what most of us think of as a good job it helps to have at least a Bachelors Degree. We've all heard it over and over.  The key to a good job is education, education, education...
Farm Budgets Will Remain Tight In The Near Future
Corn and soybeans reached record price just a few years ago. But times have changed.
With dropping prices, farmers are starting to struggle budget wise, and it may stay that way in the near future.
The Aberdeen American News is reporting that a field specialist at South Dakota State University says fa…
What Artist's Ruled Country Music In The 1990's?
The decade of the 1990's in country music opened up with Highway 101's 'Who's Lonely Now' being the first chart topper of the 90's. By the time Faith Hill had the last 90's Number One in December of 1999 with 'Breathe' a whole lot had happened to country …
Think You Know South Dakota?
Yeah, yeah, you know Mt. Rushmore is in South Dakota. But I'll bet you don't know at least some of these trivia fun facts!
Famous Folks Who Would Have Been 100 in 2018 (And 1 That Will Be)
When it comes to turning the calendar to a new year a lot of us think 'Goodness, where does the time go'!
Why, it was just yesterday that Ronald Reagan was President and the Twins won their first World Series. I mean...that was just a few years back right...
True Or False: It Can Be Too Cold To Snow
When I was growing up there on that little farm just a mile south of Leota, Minnesota the old farm fella's used to say a lot of things. Some can be mentioned here, others are best left to the silent dust bin of oral history.
One that I heard in the heat and humidity of July and August was '…