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$30 Million Medical Facility Open House Set For September 30
A big medical upgrade is coming to the Pierre area this fall. A new $30 million medical facility is scheduling an open house event for the public on September 30, with clinics due to open sometime in October.
According to the Pierre Capital Journal the building will house a $12 million cancer center.…
Hey Mom And Dad Have A Night Of (Not Video) Game Playing
OK, so your kid can beat you at basketball. That kid can whup you in boxing, baseball, football and in a whole bunch of things that you don't even know (or can't remember) the names of.
He or she is a video game wizard.
But how about in a good old-fashioned game of Old Maid...
South Dakota's Best Under A Grand: Alpena, Population 286
It hasn't always been easy over these past 135 years or so. There's been ups...and there's been downs. But if you want to stop into one of South Dakota's finest communities with a population'Under A Grand', you'll want to say hi to the folks in Alpena...
Whatever Happened To Falstaff Beer?
If you're of the 'Baby Boomer' age, there's a chance you enjoyed a perfectly chilled Falstaff beer. And if you didn't, your Dad and/or Mom most likely did!
In 1965 there were over 7 million barrels of Falstaff beer brewed. Now, I'm not exactly sure how many cans and bott…
Gen X Memory Lane: It's 1989 And You Had To Have A GameBoy!
It's 1989 and a lot of things are going on in the world.
President Ronald Reagan said goodbye and President George H.W. Bush said hello. Joe Montana led the San Francisco 49er's to a Super Bowl win and the World Series between Oakland and San Francisco became the most memorable in history..…
Not All That Different: Planting Time On The Farm And In Town
Farm folk and town folk. They're as different as night and day, right?
Nope. And especially not when it comes to planting season.
Oh, I know I know, farmers will have acres and acres and more acres. Their town counterparts will have feet and feet and feet...
Own A Piece Of Entertainment History At Jerry Lewis Auction
We all know the name Jerry Lewis.
It could be from his historic duo days with Dean Martin when they were the biggest and most popular act in the entertainment world.
It could be from those post-duo days, when Jerry Lewis had hit movie after hit movie after hit movie...
Commercial Catchphrase Memory Lane: 'Where's The Beef'?
Song's can get stuck in your head. You know the ones. You hear that song, you like that song, and then the next thing you know you're out mowing the lawn, or maybe making dinner, or possibly in the shower early in the morning and you find yourself singing that song...
Whatever happened To Charlie Rich?
Charlie Rich absolutely owned 1973 in music. With 2 monster hits in one year, he was everywhere on the radio. So whatever happened to Charlie Rich?
I Don't Get The Fascination With Harry And Meghan's Wedding
It was almost 250 years ago when it happened. We said to the British 'OK, enough, we don't want to have anything more to do with you. We're leaving, see ya later alligator.' Then, there was a little skirmish about it called the Revolutionary War and that was that...
South Dakota's Best Under A Grand: Alexandria Population 615
I'm a small town kid. Or at least, I was. And having lived in South Dakota for, well, some decades now, I think it's the small towns that make South Dakota the greatest state in the good 'ol U.S. of A.
And one of those great communities, those places with a population under a grand, is…
Twenty Years Ago We Learned A New Phrase: Google It!
It died a slow death beginning in 1998 I guess.
So long Encyclopedia. Bye bye dictionary. See ya later road map. Farewell any book, sheet, magazine or pamphlet that you used to get information.
Google has come to town.
Prior to 1998 if someone would have told you to 'Google it', you would hav…
Spend Those Summer Vacation Days With Us In South Dakota!
It's my favorite time of the year. I mean, my very favorite.
Winter is in the rear view mirror. Summer is up there just around the bend. Ahhh...springtime. Nothin's better. And you know what else is just up there on the horizon?
Summer vacation time...
Traffic Deaths Down 50% Thanks To An Ingenious Invention
The automobile.
One of the greatest inventions of the twentieth century (or any century). In the blink of an eye (well, that might be an exaggeration) the world became more mobile than at any prior time. We could hop in the car (or maybe the horseless carriage) and off we'd go down the road, and…
The Estelline Redmen Are Done. Who Will They Be Next?
You may agree. You may disagree. But one thing appears certain. The Estelline Redmen will be the Redmen no more.
According to the Watertown Public Opinion, the Estelline South Dakota High School will be shedding its nickname for a new one...
Welcome To The Western Spirit And Cowboy Festival In Trent
The American Old West. A land of legends, good guys and bad guys. And most of all Cowboys. Wouldn't you love, maybe just for a day or two, live those days of adventure and song again?
Well, do I have great news for you!
Circle the weekend of June 2 and 3 on your calendar right now...