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South Dakota's Best 'Under A Grand': Hoven, Population 406
It's the first thing you'll notice when you enter the town of Hoven, South Dakota.  No doubt about it. There you are in Potter County, between Highway 12 and Highway 212 and you think to yourself 'Wow, now that thing goes up, up, up!'
That 'thing' is the gigantic tw…
What Would You Do with $10,000 Cash?
How would you like to walk away with $100 just for doing something you already do: listen to KXRB? How would you like to walk away with $10,000! Find out how.
Hunters Could Wear Fluorescent Pink. Would You Want To?
Open up a hunter's closet and you'll find orange. And I mean blaze orange.
Drive the highways and byways, the gravel roads and the dirt paths and look out there, off in the distance...blaze orange walking corn row after corn row, through the sloughs and pastures...
Dan Seals Is A Country Music Legend
Dan Seals may be the most underrated artist in country music history. 16 Top Ten hits, including 11 number one's. But what was his first #1? And his last?
One Of My Favorite TV Stars Has Died, R.I.P. David Ogden Stiers
Farewell and Rest In Peace Charles Emerson Winchester III.
Actor David Ogden Stiers died Saturday March 3 at his home in Newport, Oregon due to bladder cancer. He was 75.
And while Stiers had a long and distinguished career, for me (and millions of others) he is the pompous yet lovable Charles...
You Grew Up On A Farm. Was Your Family Red Or Green?
OK, in the interest of honesty, I haven't lived on a farm in years. And years. And even more years.
But I did grow up on one, small though it was (80 acres strong).
Now, when I'm driving down the highways and byways 'round these parts, I see all different colors of farm machinery...