I guess I met Gordy about 25 years ago or so.  I was living and working in radio out in Rapid City and got to know a very creative person that called himself "The Fabolous One Guy".

Through the years, I've seen Gordy all over the state playing, well, here and there and everywhere. It was always a special treat to see Gordy performing in Deadwood because it would help me forget the quarters I lost in the slots and the dollars I lost at Saloon 10!

Yes, Gordy is an extremely talented musician, but what I've always loved about him most is his creative use of the English language, how he could paint mind pictures while he sang.  He has a special talent for stringing words together beautifully and I've always loved people who could do that.

Give a listen to "Rusty Old American Dream" and notice to the beautiful photography in the video.  And if you ever have a chance, see the "Fabulous One Guy" live.  You won't regret it!