The amount of people traveling for the Christmas holiday will compose a big number this year. In fact, AAA South Dakota anticipates a venture into record territory.

Residents from the Mount Rushmore state will be well represented according to Spokeswoman Marilyn Buskohl.

“This is a year-end all-time record for holiday travel. It’s a 3 percent increase from last year. We expect that about 280 thousand South Dakotans will be traveling and of that 91 percent will be traveling by car.”

Compared to earlier this month, fuel prices have slipped. Buskohl feels that even though the demand is high, a temporary bump at the pump is unlikely.

“It’s about seven cents less than it was a couple weeks ago. The statewide average in South Dakota today is at $2.45 a gallon (for gasoline). We don’t expect that to go up over the holiday time frame.”

Buskohl believes positive economic conditions are the main underlying factor in the expected jump in travel this year. With the surge in traffic, Buskohl advises that an extra dose of patience will go a long way in enduring any amount of holiday travel.

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