You want some good news?

The divorce rate is going down. In fact, it's reached its lowest point in 40 years, falling some 29% since 1979. That is wow good!

But there is one surprising fact in research that was done and reported on the website Newser.

The article says that while almost every demographic divorce rate went down, or at least didn't go up, there was one age group that did increase.

The Baby Boomers. That's right, the 'Gray Hairs'.

Now, for this research the 'older generation' they looked at was 55-64, and they found the divorce rate climbed from 5 divorces per 1,000 to 15 per thousand. Tripled? Sounds like it. And even the seniors over 65 saw a significant spike in 'I Don't', from 1.8 to 5 per thousand.

The reason?

Well, nothing definitive, but the article goes on to say Baby Boomers, or at least a lot of them, married young and a lot are in second marriages, which are statistically at a greater risk of divorce.

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