I've always loved the 'person behind the song'....the songwriter.  Whether it's Kris Kristofferson or Shel Silverstein, Willie Nelson or Harlan Howard or one of the many great songwriter's, those are the people that I truly admire.

I remember a quote from the late great Conway Twitty, when he was asked what the secret was to having fifty #1 hits, the secret to being one of Country Music's greatest artist's.

'The song', he simply replied, 'It's always the song'.

Recently, Ronnie Milsap was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.  So was Mac Wiseman.  Both certainly deserving, two legendary names in the music genre we love.

And also inducted was Hank Cochran.

Many folks may go 'Hank who?.

Well, there are just too many songs, too many artist's who recorded his songs to list them here.  Rather, just watch this video about the making of 'Living For A Song', a tribute album that Jamey Johnson and other Superstar's recorded as a tribute to the gigantic country music figure that was Hank Cochran.  You'll find yourself singing along and remembering.



Now then, let's take a few minutes and listen to the man himself tell a great story about a guy who recorded dozens of Hank Cochran songs....George Jones.  Oh and by the way, it involves drinks and Tootsies Orchid Lounge.  Gulp!



Hank passed away in July, 2010 at the age of 74.  But, thankfully, his songs will never pass away.


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