If you were one of those that was looking forward to rolling the dice, playing the cards or spinning the reels in the new casino in Yankton, well, the bad news is...no.  The good news is...no, for now.

According to the Associated Press, the South Dakota Senate gave a thumbs down (23-12) to the proposal that would have sent the question of a Yankton Casino to the November ballot where South dakota voters would have given a yes or no to the idea.

The amendment would have asked voters to allow a nonprofit group to have one gaming license in the southeastern South Dakota city.

So that's that, right?

Well hold on to your one-armed bandit there cowboy. Legislatively speaking, when things are 'dead' they're not always dead.

Senator Larry Tidemann, who sponsored the bill, moved to reconsider the vote at a later date.

So stay tuned.

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