There was a time when meeting people online came with a stigma. Maybe it still should.

A 29-year-old woman in Roseville, Mich. repeatedly stabbed a man, 39, after he said he didn't want to commit to a relationship.

Yes, perhaps she's the one who should be committed.

The couple, who met over the Internet, was in bed last Sunday when the woman broached the subject of getting serious. The victim said he wasn't ready for it, since they had only gone out a few times. When he rolled over, she went all Chucky on him by plunging a knife in his back nine times. Nine. One, we assume, for each month of the fake pregnancy she's going to stage to try and force him to be exclusive, since the stabbing probably didn't do the trick.

The woman was arrested, but on the plus side she's about to be eligible to find a match on The man is expected to be okay and will have one heck of a story to tell his friends about this young firecracker he dated who was a real wildcat between the sheets.

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