He was the greatest Country Music singer in history.

A pretty strong statement, but one that I believe is true. For me, there has never been a better country music voice than Merle Haggard.

And, of course, one of the greatest songwriter's to boot.

We lost the Hag a year ago on April 6th, which was his 79th birthday. The tribute's have flowed for the past year, and will continue, rightly so. But one of the finest tribute's to the Hag comes from one of his best friend's.

Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard played so many songs together. In my opinion, one of the greatest collaboration's ever was their 1980's classic 'Pancho and Lefty'. Now, from Willie's new God's Problem Child album, the Red Headed Stranger honor's his late friend with 'He Won't Ever Be Gone'.

And once again, Willie is exactly right. The Hag will never be gone, as long as we can reach over and turn up any and all Merle Haggard song's.

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