You love to fear any types of scary movies, especially during Halloween.

For those of you that don't know, I am the biggest chicken in the world.  Seriously.  If you want me to watch a horror movie for fun, you would have to drag me to a movie theater or tie me down in front of the television.  Even my dad still gives me a tough time about not watching "true" scary movies during the Halloween season.

Now before some calls the "Halloween Movie Patrol" on me, it is worthwhile to note I have watched enough scary movies to last me a lifetime of screams and frightening anticipation.  That's when you know these types of movies are doing their jobs.  Horror films are meant to leave you with characters who make you shiver at the sound of a cracking door or simply keep you up at night so you can avoid potentially traumatizing nightmares about them!

There have been enough characters in horror films that will give us screams for a life.  But which of these haunting characters top that list?  Based on no evidence or scientific surveys, I believe these are the five characters that top the rest.

I'll admit...Aragog scares me more than any other creepy character on this list.  I'll take anything else, just leave the giant spider at home.

Who's in your top five for scariest movie characters?  Do you agree with my picks?

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