You might say 'classic', 'retro', a 'throwback', or 'vintage', but whichever adjective you use, you're conjuring up images of a time gone by and channeling an emotional connection with something from the past.

That's the spirit behind a new list from Food & Wine which chronicles the best classic restaurant in each state, or as they call it a rundown of 'America’s finest old-school institutions'.

When it came to South Dakota, they elevated not one, but four different establishments into the 'classic' category.

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This place has been serving up legendary bison steaks, duck wings, and wild game salad sandwiches since 1949, but Food & Wine loves the lamb sloppy joe plate special, homemade ice cream and locally roasted espresso.

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Right on Highway 81 just south of Freeman, this is the classic roadside restaurant, but it is so much more than a greasy spoon.

It's a great place to dig into South Dakota's signature dish - chislic, as well as everything from dumplings to fried pickles.

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Downtown Sioux Falls has undergone a major transformation in the past 40 years but this mainstay is still right in the heart of everything.

The flagship of what is now a seven location chain has been at 11th and Phillips since the last 1970s and is still one of the top destinations in town.

Food & Wine raves about the cranberry spinach pecan salad and the Chicken Oscar.

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This place isn't even open year-round, but it is the quintessential place to spend some time when you're traveling to and from the Black Hills on I-90 on a warm summer night.

Great comfort food like burgers, sandwiches and broasted chicken, with a big helping of ice cream to wash it all down.

Did your favorite 'classic' joint make this list or do you have your own favorite?