What's the right age for the first time? Well it depends on the first time for what? What did you think I was talking about?

Well, there's a first time for everything. And usually it's the children pushing the parents.

Kids are in a hurry to grow up, it's natural. And every step of the growing up process, involves a first time for something.

Everything from a kiss to driving a car. For me it involved some nasty things like drinking beer and experiencing smoking a cigarette. I don't know if it had anything with growing up, but it sure turned into some bad habits that took half a lifetime to get over.

As a parent myself, I'm with a lot of you. We wish they would stay little forever. But we know that won't happen, so we have to give them the things they need to get big whether we like it or not.

So now comes the hard part. What's the right age for the first time?

Let's take a look at a list of common items and things based on a Harris Poll:

  • Allowance age 10
  • Girls Wearing Makeup Adults say 15, Teens say 13
  • Staying Home Alone age 13
  • Parents Having "Sex Talk" With Their Child age 12
  • Getting Their Own Cell Phone age 13
  • Going On First Date and Having First Kiss Parents and Teens agree age 16, however teens say first kiss at 15. Meanwhile parents admit kissing at age 14
  • Seeing An R-rated Movie Kids say 16, Parents say 17, Grandparents say 18

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