Are you familiar with parents picking their favorite child or even children picking their favorite sibling?  Well, instead of Americans picking their favorite family members, how about Americans selecting their favorite states?  In this scenario,  people are actually choosing their favorite state, and it's not necessarily their home states or familiar states.

So if you ever REALLY want to know how your neighbors feel about a particular subject, just look at Matt Shirley's Instagram account for all the answers.  Apparently, Shirley does his best to post a daily question or survey on his Instagram account.  He even color-codes his results based on the responses from his over 390,000 followers.

Recently, Matt Shirley wanted input on followers’ favorite stateand least favorite states.  Obviously, there is no science behind these results, but it does make you wonder what people actually think about their neighboring states.

We'll start with what I’ll call each state’s favorite "sibling.” Based on Matt Shirley's Instagram account, South Dakota's favorite state is...Minnesota.  It does not seem that surprising since South Dakotans do travel to the Twin Cities often, as well as the fact they share a love for the Minnesota Vikings and Minnesota Twins.  The shocking part is that three other states also declared Minnesota as its favorite state.  Iowa, Wisconsin, and North Dakota also joined this lovefest!

Now the bad news...the least favorite state of South Dakota is (again, this is not a surprise) North Dakota.  But guess what, the feeling is mutual!

I'd like to think that North Dakota and South Dakota are like twins that are very competitive with each other.  They always make jokes about each other, and they always debate which state is the favorite out of the two Dakotas.

Meanwhile, in our neighboring states, Minnesota is not a big fan of Wisconsin, Iowa doesn't like Nebraska, and Wisconsin is not a huge fan of Illinois.

America is clearly like one big, happy family.

What states do you think are big rivals?

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