I was reading an article about how your facial features can tell people what your personality is like. You know, what kind of person you are.

When I look in the mirror, the mirror says 'Holy Smokes, you've been plodding around the planet for quite a while, haven't ya big boy? Road been a little rough?'

Thank you mirror. Thank you very much.

The article I was reading kind of took each and every thing about your face. Like, thick eyebrows means you're driven and confident, while thinner eyebrows tell the world you're very charitable and enjoy helping others.

Freckles mean you enjoy work , like to travel and are sociable.

Hey fellas, if you have a thick mustache, you're telling the world you're masculine and rock solid sure of yourself.

Square faced people are competitive while if you have a big forehead, well...you have a big heart.

Well, I must have one helluva heart, because my forehead pretty much runs from the top of my eyebrows to the back of my neck.

You can check out all the facial feature/personality traits here at PostFun.com and see if they actually fit who you are.

Meanwhile, I'm going to polish the mirror and see if that helps.


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