How much should a stripper be paid? I would think they should be entitled to a fair wage.

A federal judge has ruled that exotic dancers at a New York City strip club are protected by labor laws and entitled to be paid at least a minimum wage.

The ruling came in a class-action lawsuit brought by current and former dancers at Rick's Cabaret in midtown Manhattan. The lawsuit charged that the strippers were denied wages and required to pay a variety of fees to the club.

The club had argued that the dancers were independent contractors.

Now let's try to answer the question of how much do they make around the country. We did some investigating and here's what we found.

Now, it should be noted that this particular example of a stripper's finances may not be typical for every girl out there. We found three strippers who posted their monthly earnings on their blogs. Here are the results:

    Stripper A:
Monthly total: $2237
Days Worked: 18
Hours Worked: 96
Dollars per hour: $23

Stripper B:
Monthly total: $1570
Days Worked: 10
Hours worked: 66
Daily Average: $157
Dollars per hour: $24

Stripper C:
Monthly total: $4402
Days worked: 9
Hours worked: 72
Hourly: $61.14

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