In visiting with some of the younger folks here at the Radio Ranch (and here at the Radio Ranch everyone is a younger folk), we were talking about football (there's a real shock) and I happened to mention that I used to be a Flying Dutchman.

I got the 'deer in the headlights' look. You were a what??

A Flying Dutchman.

Turns out that folks who aren't from the southwest Minnesota area may not be familiar with the Edgerton Flying Dutchmen.

That was (and is) the name of the public school football team in Edgerton...and all the other sports as well. Growing up in the area, it didn't seem unique to me. It just was what it was...we were the Dutchmen, the mighty, mighty Dutchmen ( in my memory, we were mighty...don't look up those early 70's teams).

Anyway, the remarks were that the name was 'unique', 'unusual', 'odd', plus one 'weird' and one 'cool'. And it brought up the question of 'I wonder what the most unique team name in South Dakota is'?

Well, one of the most well-known sports names in the state came up. I mean, really, how many 'Jackrabbits' are out there across the country?

But what about High Schools? What do you think is the most unique/odd/unusual/strange name in the state?


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