Craig Morgan's doesn't have to think twice about what his definition of country music is: For the singer, it's all about the people who make up the genre's fanbase and beyond. 

Morgan renewed his connection to the music with "The Father, My Son and the Holy Ghost," a powerful track that speaks to the loss of teenage son, Jerry, and reflects on all the ways in which life goes on, even in the face of tragedy. The singer knew that the track would speak to his fans, but he could never have anticipated how massive the impact of the song would be, especially after the likes of Blake Shelton and television personality Ellen Degeneres spoke out about the power of the track.

As the song continues to receive widespread airplay, garnering new fans for Morgan and reinvigorating his relationship with longtime listeners, the singer is more aware than ever of the power of country music and what the genre means to him.

Below, Morgan offers his succinct, but powerful definition of what country music means to him.

Country music is the people of this country. It represents the people. It's that simple.

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