If I had to list my Top Ten favorite actors of all time, Paul Newman would be on that list.

The epitome of 'cool', Paul Newman was the guy every woman wanted and every guy wanted to be.  His movies are Hollywood Classics...'Cool Hand Luke'...'Hud'...'The Hustler'...'The Color of Money'...and so many more.

In 1969 Newman teamed up with a then 'new' Hollywood Star that would go on to legendary status himself, Robert Redford.  'Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid' was one of the biggest movie hits of the year and has now claimed it's rightful place among the all-time Hollywood classic movies.  Newman and Redford would go on to team again in another smash movie hit 'The Sting'.

There are so many memorable scenes in 'Butch Cassify', but the one below may be the most famous.



So what does Paul Newman have to do with Classic Country Music?

Well, if you remember the movie, you may recall the song as well.  It was B.J. Thomas singing 'Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head'.  Now, while that particular song may not be considered an all-time Country Classic (although many Country stations played the song without an qualms, it fit the format nicely), B. J. Thomas would go on to have several huge Country Music hits, including the 1975 giant hit 'Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song'.

But now, pull out your umbrella and listen (and watch) B.J. sing the theme to one great movie.