You've heard the saying, "When you buy the top brand, you're paying for the name." One would think that all of that paying for the name business would make the name pretty valuable.

Well you got it right. There are brands of things out there, that are the most valuable names in the world.

Do you buy based on name brands? Or do you choose the best priced item?

I like to stick to brands that I know I like. I'm scared to go with the one that's a few cents cheaper just to find out I don't like it.

For example, when I'm needing ketchup, it's got to be Heinz. If I need a bar of soap, I buy Zest.

So, what are the most valuable brands in the world? Forbes says Apple tops the list at $145 billion.

Microsoft is second at $69 billion, followed by Google, Coca-Cola and IBM. Take a look at the entire list and see where your favorite brands come in.

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