Do you have a Keurig coffee maker? Some people swear by them, and others choose to brew their cup of Joe another way.

The Keurig is something that you can get used to very easily. We have one, and we use it regularly. I make my coffee, my wife brews her tea and our son makes his Swiss Miss hot chocolate. It's a little costly for the coffee pods, but it's fast and convenient.

Now there's a Keurig machine to even make cocktails. The machine that makes your morning coffee is getting an upgrade and now it will also be able to make your evening adult beverage.

Keurig is teaming up with Anheuser-Busch InBev to launch a new item called "Drinkworks". It is a machine that can make a chilled alcoholic drink with a pod, just like your coffee.

You'll be able to make cocktails, brews, ciders and more with just the touch of a button. I just hope I don't hit the wrong button and end up making a Scotch and soda for my morning commute.

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