With crappy weather this weekend, it's best to find some entertainment indoors, and do I have the perfect suggestion. We recently took in the production of Getting Sara Married, performed by the Mighty Corson Art Players and it was a fun escape.

Getting Sara Married lets you peek into the life of Sara, a hard-working, yet somewhat frustrated lawyer in the big city. Her life is well orchestrated, her apartment neat as a pin, yet something is missing. Although Sara may not see it, her crazy aunt thinks finding love is what Sara needs. Every time Sara answers a knock on the door, she discovers another hilarious way her Aunt is trying to fix her up with someone special.

Tickets are still available for this weekend's performance, and they're only $10. The casual atmosphere includes popcorn, candy, and beverages that you can grab and take into the theatre to enjoy during the performance.

The thing I love about the Corson Playhouse is the cozy welcoming atmosphere where you chat with the folks next to you and enjoy a fun drawing for a gift during intermission, which is always tied into the storyline of the play is some silly way.

Performances run through Sunday. (April 14)


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