I'm sure glad I quit the nasty habit of smoking cigarettes years ago. Lighting another one up is the last thing I would do today.

However, I still like drinking alcohol. I do it at home and I do it in moderation. I enjoy scotch whiskey, beer and red wine.

How about you, do you like alcoholic beverages? There are apparently a lot of people out there that don't care to, at least not that much anymore.

The fact is, America is drinking less and less booze every year, Overall alcohol sales were down again in 2018, dropping for a third straight year.

The main culprit is the beer slump, with consumption down 1.5 percent last year as more drinkers gravitated to spirits and wine. Wine actually is increasing in popularity and has been for several years.

With the number of cases of alcohol being consumed dropping for a third consecutive year, it's clear that Americans are continuing the trend toward health and wellness.

Some experts are calling it a millennial thing, claiming that generation is drinking more responsibly.

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