I know it is not nice to enjoy the suffering of others, unless of course they are criminal idiots! I think there is something in all of us that roots for the bad guy to get theirs. And this would-be car thief in Drogheda, Ireland certainly did, and at his own hands.

This criminal mastermind saw the shiny new Mercedes sitting outside the Pheasant Bar and decided he just had to have it or whatever there might be of value in it. He searches the ground and finds a rock he thinks might just do the trick and throws it at the passenger side window (yup, this is the U.K. so driver & passenger sides are reversed).

The first toss is rather half-hearted so he gives it another try and again, no results. He disappears from the video for a bit while he is seeking out a bigger, badder weapon, which he finds in the form of a brick.

This time he attempts to break the driver's side window. He throws the brick, which hits the car and ricochets back right into his face knocking him out cold!

When the bar owner, Gerry Brady found him unconscious and bleeding in the street, they tried to help him and as the thief came to he said he had been attacked by a drinking buddy. But when the injured burglar refused medical treatment, Brady got suspicious. It was at this point that his partner (the Mercedes owner) noticed the damage on the car.

This persistent idiot then threatened to tell police that Brady had beaten him if they didn't give him some money and send him on his way. Thanks to this video featuring the moron being seen around the world, this did not turn out to be a problem. In fact when the police arrived and were shown the video, they were in stitches!

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